With just paper and friends…

In a small circle, we sat by the steps of the very place we met, our high school – School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA).

Engaging in our conversations as we consumed our packed dinner, we were thoroughly enjoying each other’s presence. After a hearty meal of chirashi don and an update on everyone’s life, someone suggested to Avolon. A game that we really enjoyed playing.

So, with makeshift cards out of the back of receipts and a bunch of friends, we huddled close and started. Due to the nature of the game, it made us seemed like a cult. Perhaps we really are becoming one, not sure who we are worshipping or what kind of ideology we subscribe to, but it is definitely a quirky one.

I really enjoyed myself. But, felt even satisfied and happy that we had so much fun with just paper and a bunch of goofy nerds.

It also made me realised the nature of our meet ups. We don’t need a powerful agent to gel us and have fun, we just need everyone to be there.

However, as each of us move on with life beyond high school, meet ups have proved to be of increasing difficulty. I think that also made us treasure each other more.

I hope our friendship will continue to grow deeper to the point that we know we can be each other’s safety net in life.


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