2 Guys Vs. 1 Bee 

“There is a bee in my pillow.” My friend yelped as he leaped from his bed. 

“Where? Where? I can’t see it!”

My friend rotated the pillow to my line of sight. To my horror, a hairy bee was crawling under the cover. I, too, in a similar fashion, jumped right out of my bed.

“ok, we need to get rid of it”

My friend switched on the bunk lights, rousing everyone else around us. While I got the pillow by the other end and went straight for the window sil. I started violently wacking the pillow until it dropped off. But, it was hanging on to the clothes line, stubbornly trying to make its way back into the bunk. I was not going to let that happen. So, I swiftly shut the windows tight. 

After all these successive actions, albeit a little panicky, we managed to remove it.

But, in our frantic to get rid of it, we woke our bunk mates. It was 1am in the night!

All for 1 bee!

And we call ourselves a Medical Response Force trooper! A soldier!

I guess everyone has their own fears. But, one reason contributing to this fear we have of insects, is living in a highly urbanized country. All insects are seen as devilish intruders to the house, causing anarchy and chaos with their unpredictable flying movements.

Our parents on the other hand, who for a period of their life, grew up in a kampong, has little fear of these creepy crawlies.

But, I guess thats how disconnected we are with nature. We sometimes, even fear it.


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