Dinner with a platoon of Doctors. 

Today’s dinner was not bad, compared to the usual crap the cookhouse whips up for us. So, I got my plate and sat somewhere in the middle of the cookhouse. 

Every spoonful of rice accompanied with a glance over my Whatsapp chat, i ate at a rather slow pace.

It was peace and quiet for awhile until a wave of sweaty and smelly cadets made their way to the cookhouse. The cookhouse peeps have been anticipating their arrival and served them their food swiftly.

I have never seen a queue move this fast in the cookhouse. The cadets were quick in collecting their food and finding a place to seat. Some of them started to seat on the other side of my table and soon, like a stormy weather encrouching, I was engulfed by camo-face cadets.

I now have full view of the speed in which they were eating. It was an astonishing pace. Even, i got a little anxious and started eating quicker myself. Despite the speed, they still managed to multi-task shouting out instructions to platoon mates. “Hey get the norminal roll later!”

They were all doctors, smashing spoonful of rice into their mouth. Food seemed to serve the sole purpose of filling the stomach. It was like the taste of food never existed for them.

The harshness I see before is a glimpse of the Medical Officer Conversion Course. They were undergoing training to be medical officers. A crucial role in the army.

Looking at them, their soiled, camo stained long 4, dead tired eyes and hellish hair, I suddenly felt the seriousness it takes to become an officer.

I used to think becoming a Medical Response Force trooper was tough. But, today, what I saw during dinner, changed that perception.  


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