The strong wind blew against our faces as the 5 tonner raced down the expressway. My unit was activated for a long awaited exercise. 

We reached. The game of waiting continued.

We laid on the ground between two 5 tonners, in our tightly fitted ilbv, with our helmet as a head rest, gazing into the dark sky.

Mistaking the flickering lights emitted from the helicopters, planes and satelites for stars, it was easily a scene plucked straight out of a movie.

It was indeed, one of the most relaxing activation. It wasn’t complacency. It was calmness brought by readiness and the mindset to treat the incoming problems with stride that made it tranquil.

It felt surreal that under the constant rush of an activation, I allowed my thoughts to flow everywhere in the dark blue sky above me. I guess after several activations, you learnt to appreciate the rush of it. It is after all a mission together with your friends.

After waiting for some time, it turned out there was no need to deploy. All that hassle, came down to merely a test of how fast we reacted and reached the designated location.

I guess it means that they have full trust of our skills as medics and MRF troopers to deploy.


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