Exercise Whatever!!

Being activated for exercises are part and parcel of a high readiness unit and I am in one. (sadly?) An upcoming exercise has stirred some of us in the platoon. Most of the sentiments are probably the reluctance to move out and deploy because it is tiring and a hassle. Our unit is quite a laid back one and it already feels immensely troublesome to even do some of the task soldiers from other units perform on a daily basis. 

As troopers, we know very little of what is going on. We can only speculate. Undoubtedly, there has been quite a buzz about this impending exercise. But, I find all these unsubstantial talk stupid and a waste of effort. There is simply no point with these mindless chatter because they lead to nowhere. 

Unfortunately, mindless chatter is a daily occurence in the mundane life we lead as soldiers. It adds a little spice in our life, it supplants gossips. I prefer however to engage in mindless chattering about non-military related stuff because I have no interest in whatever the army plans to do. My passion, sadly or not, do not lie with the army. 

I rather adopt a mindset that is of serenity. Maybe equanimity is the word to use. Worry only about things you can change. Don’t give a flying fuck about things you can’t control, can’t change and have no fucking idea about! 


5 thoughts on “Exercise Whatever!!

  1. Thanks, I’m trying to be more content, I’m going to channel you and give a lot less fucks! One of other things that helps, especially if you live in a world of mindless chatter, is No Agenda Podcast – great improvement to your mental hygiene.

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  2. This is a very useful mindset to have – I should try to be like that a little more! It’s hard sometimes!

    Kathrin — mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

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