WordPress – a press for likes and followers 


I created one with the intention to hone my writing. I wouldn’t say it’s like a diary but my posts mainly draw inspirations from my life experiences.

But, one day I decided to try tagging one post. I remembered it was a post with scans of my drawings. I was curious as to how effective tagging can be and at the same time, I wanted to know how well received my portrait drawings were.

It was from there, I got my first like and follow. Although it didn’t garner many likes, it was recognition to me. From then on, I started tagging my posts.

The likes and followers increased gradually. I began to have an inflated sense of my own writing. I felt that I was good, that I stood out amongst the rest, that my writing really engaged readers. I began pursuing these likes and follows as digits of recognition.

In pursuing these, my writings mutated and so did my content. Everything was geared towards getting more views, likes and follows. Titles tried real hard to draw readers in and posts’ content were made intentionally smooth to read. Posts were also deliberately timed to capture audiences from around the world.

One day, I decided to ask my sis to take a look at my wordpress. She said that all my posts had a nice flow and they were all written in an ‘aesthetic’ manner.

She used the word ‘aesthetic’, referring to my posts as only nice sounding and nothing more. It was indeed hurtful to hear but it was the truth. She felt it in my writing. The deeper messages I intend to convey were all lost in these flowery words to make my posts sound good. Not just that, emotions meaning to be expressed were lost too in the process. 

She made me re-think about the way I write, why I write and what I truly want out of writing on wordpress.

And I found my answer to be the same as the first sentence of this post. To hone my writing skills. But, if likes and follows are not a healthy way to ensure that, what will? I think its really getting these posts to people who truly care to improve me, my family and friends.

But I still love my likes and follows. So how?? I believe my writing mutated because I didn’t know what my original purpose of was. I was lost for a moment. But now, I know and I will try my best to keep that in mind as I write.


6 thoughts on “WordPress – a press for likes and followers 

  1. although my guess is that the reason you “like the likes” is because its a type of social feedback.

    Also the wordpress stats button is way to easy to press and check on.

    If you want to overthink it, try doing some social experiments.

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    1. haha I like the idea of social experiments. Yup, likes are kinda like a feedback on what I wrote, but more importantly, positive feedback. I guess it’s human nature to enjoy receiving complements. haha but I must say, a comment like yours would be the best kind of social feedback yeah? haha


  2. I do agree with you @Popcrate. Writing blog is to practice skill or language just like I do.
    Language is a habit,if we do not practice it continuously it will be disappear. Also making blog is for knowing technology.

    Sometimes I feel like blog looks like fb haha..where people just click like.

    By the way thanks jialle for the likes.lol
    Nice to meet you all. I am newbie.

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