The way he makes breakfast…

He toasts the bread briefly before adding a generous layer of butter on top. As the butter melts completely, the bread glows of savouriness and richness. This extra step before he adds on any spread is the reason why his bread always tasted so good. And its the way my dad makes his bread. 

Although the addition of butter before spread may not entirely be authentically his, that extra effort makes all the difference in taste and all the difference in showing his love for us, his kids.

My dad is a dad that shows his love through actions. A simple act of making breakfast has been made so effortful by him because he loves us. It was a choice he made.

I think that’s also the nature of love. It can be shown in the smallest and simplest gestures.

His breakfast is indeed one of the best things in the world but that can’t be said for his temper. Like all dads, he is not perfect and he has his shortcomings. He is stubborn and harsh at times. But as his kids we all learnt to appreciate them a little.

He flairs up at certain things we do, because he is a principled man and had a strong sense of logic. He is stubborn because he is persistent and determined. He is harsh with his words because he fills himself with passion and a sense of righteouness.

We learn to see beyond his shortcomings but the positive reasons why he behave the way he does. All of those mentioned above are values worth emulating.

Therefore, I love my dad for the deeds he had done for us out of love and the values he presents to us worth living up to.


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