The Clean Toilet Predicament 

The toilets in libraries are especially clean in Singapore. Not the cleanest but a far cry compared to the nearby coffee shops and their dingy, poorly maintained and odorous squating toilets. The toilets in the libraries are an oasis amongst the filthy public toilets in the area.

And this oasis has inevitably attracted many vistors…

Today, after browsing for some history books, I had to answer nature’s call. To my dismay, all the cubicles were taken and in fact hogged. People are camping in those cubicles, perhaps reading the newspaper, magazine or book they just took from the shelves. I was frustrated. But I knew it was simply because the toilets were clean that people wanted to spend more time in it…

It was angering but I knew I probably would have spent a fair bit of time in that cubicle if I had the chance.

The toilet, a place to relieve yourself, has always served more than what it does. It is the combination of relieving yourself and simultaneously, enjoying the feed on facebook, a juicy celebrity news or a finger furious android game that is truly one of the pleasures in life. The toilet, a private place, to do the rawest thing every living thing has to do, defecate, is also a place to fulfill other forms of entertainment.

It is the same with how female toilets are more than just for answering nature’s call but also a socialising space.

But the willingness to do so, so very dependent on the cleanliness of the toilets. Humans have progressed to a stage where even doing the must primitive thing has to be done in a civilised manner where cleanliness needs to be upheld.

On a lighter note, maybe the library should consider expanding the toilet haha… Meanwhile, I am going in again to check if there is a slot for me.


2 thoughts on “The Clean Toilet Predicament 

  1. Your post reminded me of my travels last year. I found the same thing about libraries when I traveled across the United States. It’s such a basic need and it’s so valuable to have toileting facilities that are clean and bright. It inspires those who use them to keep them that way. 🙂


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