Teamwork is a Flaming Phoenix.


A new platoon, still in the form of ashes, is in the midst of a grueling training course. Paralleled with the intensity from the season’s sun, the sergeants are not giving the new trainees a break as they serve piping hot corporal punishments to them. From sit ups to push ups then from russian twists to burpees, the array of physical punishments come in torrential waves.

So when will they emerge as the victorious pheonix that rose from that pile of ashes it once was?

Until they build the ecosystem they need to work as a team.

Just as every individual is unique by their own inherent qualities, every platoon, made up of distinct individuals, is also unique. The dynamics differ from platoon to platoon as the people who make up the bunch are simply not the same.

Therefore, while the unit believes that treating a platoon mate’s problem as the platoon’s is formulaic to bonding groups of people, it only attains a superficial level, a mere simulacrum of a cohesive body. There is no real formula behind bonding a group of people.

The only thing formulaic in my opinion, is time, an unfortunate veto factor that cant be altered.

The truth is it takes time, albeit the need for proper guidance. To understand how to work with a person takes quite a bit of time. To understand how to work in a group of 30 over people would probably take substantially more time. So, I don’t think it takes only 7 weeks to achieve that.

They, first, need to understand their platoon’s ecosystem. Who will be the plants providing the homes for its inhabitants, who will be the hardworking ants or the pollinating bees? 

They need to identify who are the plants, ants and bees. Then, they need to fine tune. It takes time and many trials and tribulations. ( A condition that the course attempts to simulate.)

Hardships and a common objective may be accelerators for team building. But, if these are the only reasons for coming together, they won’t hold long as a team.

What we need to achieve is an intimate level cultivated carefully through time where the platoon can provide each other with the emotional rapport, spiritual connection and cohesion reflexes.

Only then, a flaming phoenix will rise.


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