Milo Frenzy 

“WHO TOOK THE MILO!!” Our fellow platoon mates screamed, frantically searching for the milo that went missing. Milo, liken to the taste of hot chocolate, is a drink we all grew up with as Singaporeans. Although it originated from Australia, Milo is quinessential to a Singaporean breakfast. For us, it was always serious business when it came to Milo. 

This explains the frenzy going outside my bunk now as platoon mates search for the Milo theif. They began ‘raiding’ all the bunks almost as if someone has stolen a treasure of sort. And the culprit will be dealt with severely for commiting such a heinous crime. It was quite a humourous scene.

It reflected our love for Milo and how big a role Milo has been in pleasing our taste buds, simultaneously giving us energy. It also shows how charismatic the drink is. It got me thinking about what is it in the taste of Milo that got everyone into a frenzy like this.

Perhaps its the mild wheatiness of it that makes its taste distinct that of hot cocoa. Or that lightness in cocoa that made it thirst quenchingly tasty? Or maybe, its simply the best drink admist the other contending drinks?

Locally, other creative variations of milo came to fruition in the hawker culture of Singapore. For example we have, ‘Milo Dinosaur’ which is ice milo with a topping of Milo powder and ‘Milo Godzilla’, an upsized version of it. As shown, Milo is not only rich in its taste, but culturally too.

Haha this is beginning to sound like a sponsered post for Milo. But, it is really because of the absurd love we have it. 


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