What is my writing style? 

Well, I don’t really know. Even as I typed that first sentence, it took me several rewrites. And yes, i find myself dabbling into metawriting occasionally, but only because its fun. I enjoy reading articles that have a little metawriting. It  gives us insights to the writers’ intentions. 

But yes, back to the topic of the day. I think there is probably a certain style that I write but it is very much a work in progress. Even after 18 years of education, I believe my writing style isn’t concretized yet. Probably because I have not read and written enough, although I enjoying doing the two.

I am not really a words person despite studying literature. I find a 3-dimensional object or a 2-dimensional representation of it more interesting than a passage of words. Perhaps, this explains why I tend to begin with a visual description in my articles, because its the very first thing that atracted me to talk and write about it.

Visual descriptions, I believe is something that I enjoy the most when it comes to writing. It is almost like painting and sculpting an image, just that its done mentally through words. It’s something I feel like I can engage the readers with too.

Most part of writing for me, comes from personal intuition and hardly about the logical flow of ideas. This is also probably why I didn’t do particularly well in academic essays. Ideas tend to be sporadic and at times, not fully developed. I move from one idea to the other faster, often covering more width than depth.

I think I attribute this to my short attention span. I can hardly keep up with an idea of my own before a new idea pops up in my mind.

These are just some of the things I realised in the way I write. If there are things you find unique or even detestable about my writing, do comment down below. Part of writing on wordpress, is to see how the world thinks and views the way I write. It’s a platform for me to improve and at the same time, figure out my writing style.


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