Word of the Day: Cognoscenti 

In my circle of friends, while we may be aspiring to be artists or are patrons of the arts, I don’t think any of us will ever dare claim that we are cognoscenti. There is a lot to do before one can consider himself or herself to be superiorly knowledgeable in the field of fine arts.

Contrary to popular belief, people often see arts as an ‘easier’ path but truth is, it is equally vigorious in many ways.

Recently, my friend posted a question regarding fine arts in our Whatsapp groupchat. It was a thought evoking question that invigorated the dead chatgroup. Everyone chirped in their responses, building upon each others ideas and concepts. It was an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable conversation I have not had in a long time.

Being in a military camp, conversations about the arts are practically non-existent. 


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