The Sky Doesn’t Exist In Their World

Like quiet flames, goldfishes no bigger than orange cosmos, swim vivaciously around a tight space of water. Against a contrasting blue wallpaper, their exuberant shades of mandarin were brought out to their fullest.

Other distinctive colours of a similar buzz were going on in each of the tanks that followed on the same shelf… causing the rows of shelves to glow in iridescent hues.

The portrayed has always captivated me. It was like going to a zoo but you see all the animals at once. Its kaleidoscopic nature is one of the many reasons why I have always loved going to the fish shop. The colours and other-worldliness of it, really draws me and finds its way into my heart.

Underwater creatures have always intrigued me in many ways. From the way they breathed, moved, sleep and essentially live, they seemed to exist in a different and separate world. Even for land animals, they have more similarities to human than aquatic animals.

The idea of space to them is so different. Is space filled with water, still space? It is for them. That’s for sure! Their world exists in water! (Sounds kind of stupid to some, but its fascinating to me.) The way they use space is also starkly different from us. They have so much mobility in the water. The sky doesn’t even exist in their world.

This all sounds quite ridiculous but they are really thoughts that churn in my mind when I admire them. These thoughts are the reasons why I found them so enigmatic, which propelled my interest in keeping them as pets.

As a kid, I often pestered my father to buy me fishes and I would keep them in a tank. The tank made these aquatic creatures lives transparent to us so that we can observe them. It is somehow always refreshing to look at them.

But why! I guess it’s because aquatic creatures live in rivers, streams, ponds, lakes and the ocean. These bodies of water hide them from us. (It’s like an introverted world.) We cannot see them as clearly as a leaping monkey or a climbing squirrel, thus making them elusive.

Therefore, being able to see them in their little aquatic world satisfies our craving of wanting to know what these little aquatic creatures are up to when they are underwater! (It’s a tad bit perverted! Haha!)

I guess there are endless reasons why aquatic animals are so fascinating to me, but through writing this, I realised the reason why I like to keep them as pets is probably because of their quiet disposition. Their reticent way of life parallels mine.


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