Word of the day: Odious

It’s been more than a year in service. The community proved to be a motley of people. Most of us, 19 year olds, came from different social, economic and family backgrounds. The diversity helps you understand the society in a nutshell, opens your eyes to the array of problems people face and the talents out there. 

In the midst of tough training, the enduring circumstances pull people closer. In the process, you make friends, very close ones. However, no matter how close you are, there will probably things you dont really like about them. Living together with them, seeing them vis-á-vis for 24/7, they reveal even more aspects of themselves to you. At times, they might even seem repulsive to you.

I guess time is really the true test of friendships. It tests whether we will ever get sick of the way our friends behave and whether or not we can and are willing to compromise for each other. If we fail to, it might become an odious environment for us.


One thought on “Word of the day: Odious

  1. You may like a book called Fungus the Bogeyman, by Raymond Briggs, which depicts a utopia of filth named Bogeydom. In Bogeydom, one popular establishment is the Odeum, a theater-like venue for the enjoyment of appalling odors. Patrons call out “Odious! Odious!” when something particularly atrocious wafts by.


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