The Art of Running Errands

Moms are essentially errand runners. Well, at least, it’s one of the many things they cover in their job scope.

‘Running errands’ is a term that sounds really vague. But, we know that it often deals with delivering or collecting something for somebody. Our moms have been doing them for us – her kids and husband.

Due to my pampered lives, there is little I know about running errands until I made a trip to the bank, for an errand of course.

At the age of 20, I have not stepped into the bank more than twice. Sheltered, yes! When I entered the bank, I was a lost sheep. I stared at the number ticket machine for a minute, not knowing which option to indicate. Took me an extra 10s to figure the correct purpose of visit I am here for.

When it was my turn, I struggled a little to tell the lady what I wanted and filling the form caused me to break a cold sweat. Finally, it’s done and now, I am adding on to my already very high level of respect for my mom.

Running errands is not an easy task. No amount of books will teach you how to do it, and every errand is different in nature. Therefore, there are no formulas to apply. Errands are formless, they can take place in a wet market, a hypermart, the bank, a tuition center, the clinic, literally anywhere.

Like all skills in the world, it takes experience and exposure. In this case, my singular experience at the bank has already given me a wealth of knowledge on running errands at the bank.

At the same time, it also takes a certain level of social skills to run errands. Errands as mentioned above, are formless, making them even more organic, the people we deal with while running them, are from all walks of life. The manner in which they interact with you varies and you have to learn to overcome those that aren’t easy.

Hence, I believe running an errand is a form of art. An art form that is mastered by our dearest mummy!


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