ORD :/

Route march, 5BX, mask runs, fartleks, deployments, turnouts ….Gone are those dog days.

Now, with the latest addition of the sofa, the fridge, air fryer, tv and X-box reign the bunk. Yes, the army can be quite disorientating …

Sitting on the comfy sofa, with Arjun’s swing music playing in the background, I thought about the time that has passed.

It’s been one year since I enlisted. I still remember lying in my BMT upperdeck bed, listening to ‘Stressed Out’ by Twenty One Pilots. I really wished we could turn back time, to the good old days ~. The eclipsed of my freedom was a little difficult to handle in the beginning.

But as ironic as it sounds, the army waits for no man. Like a SAR 21 bullet, weeks and months flew by swiftly. Gradually, I grew into the ways of the army.

With time, I understood the regulations imposed in the army. I came to accept them. I accept them because in return, they gave me my monthly salary, edible food although not fantastic and shelter. These three things gave me comfortability and security. It is freeing to know that I didn’t have to worry about life’s fundamental problems. Comfortability is addictive and when you do, your life stagnates… 

It is okay to enjoy this comfortability while it lasts but when it’s gone, one really have to be ready for the tough times that lie ahead. 

The moment I ORD I won’t have Security Troopers (ST) guarding my life at the guardhouse. Soon, it will just be me and my own fortress. With the pink IC in mind and real life responsibilities within sight, a gateway of pressing questions began flooding my thoughts. Am I ready to guard my fort, to shoulder the responsibilities, to brave the uncertainties and to overcome the obstacles ahead? The uncharted and unsheltered world is daunting to me.

But, as time progresses further, this feeling of comfortability is beginning to feel a little sickening. The inactiveness and this very lumpy lifestyle resemble a virus.  Propelled by pragmaticism and the need to be proactive, I now am fighting this virus and struggling to regain control in my life. The temptation that comfortability whispers in my ear all the time is the thing I need to defeat. Break out of it, dream big and translate my aspirations into actions.

Below is the floor plan I drew of my bunk. Hope this will provide you with the visual insights of the comfortable life I now have.




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