Sinister Decisions in the Morning

Forced awake by the sinister decision of my mum to switch on the lights, my eyes struggled painfully to adjust. Groggly, as I sauntered into the kitchen, my mum made a second sinister decision to complain to me about sis grades, not that I am unaware of, but her recent negligence as a mum was […]


The spring cohort is really small. Excluding those who transferred and exchange students, those like me, are down to only 7 of us. Orientation, although short, had the potential to be cozy and opportunities to form more meaningful conversations with those around you. When I was holding these meaningful conversations, I often could sense a […]

conversations with dad #1

I really enjoy conversations with dad, especially topics that are ‘homemade’ theories to explain the world around us. Today, my dad brought to the table an interesting theory. He suggested that why certain societies are able to invent more than others was because they believed in a god. He suggested that perhaps, by believing in […]